new forms of visual explorations
stories, experiences + imagery

PITCH STUDIOS™ is a hybrid art/design studio creating new forms of visual explorations through stories, experiences + imagery.

the practice uses visual mediums & interactive technologies to investigate the intricacies of our constantly shifting world, digital culture + phygital spaces.

in 2019, we launched an experimental creative lab — exploring connection, behaviour and communication in digital culture.

Studio 305
203/213 Mare St
London E8 3JS 

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clients + partners
London College of Fashion
University of Arts London
The Future Laboratory
Snap Inc. 
Tate Britain
Ghost Fragrances
V&A Museum
Snap Labs
City of Melbourne

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artist representation ✴︎ Cartel & Co (US)

talks + panels
Softer Digital Futures, talk, 2022 (CPH)
KD—Lounge, talk w Ada Sokol, 2021 (ONLINE) ✴︎ watch
Milan Design Week, talk, 2020 (ONLINE)
Snap Partner Summit, panel, 2020 (ONLINE)
Creative Mornings, talk, 2019 (MEL)
Nicer Tuesdays, talk, 2019 (LDN) ✴︎ watch
Semi Permanent, panel, 2019 (SYD)
Future Girl Corp, panel, 2018 (LDN)
CHANGES Festival, talk, 2018 (MEL)
Nike Air Max Day, panel, 2018 (MEL)

workshops + lectures
London College of Fashion, lectures, 2020-current (LDN)
Winchester School of Art, lecture, 2021 (UK)
Instituto Maragoni, lecture, 2020 (LDN)
Earth x Empathy, workshop, 2020 (ONLINE)
Reconstruct The Internet, workshop, 2020 (ONLINE)
London College of Fashion, workshop, 2020 (LDN)
Pause Fest, workshop, 2020 (MEL)
Nike Air Max Day, workshop, 2018 (MEL)
Late at Tate, workshop 2017 (LDN)

studio capabilities 
creative direction ✴︎ art direction ✴︎ speculative design + consultation ✴︎ 3D animation ✴︎ 3D design ✴︎ AR ✴︎ VR ✴︎ interactive design ✴︎ web3/metaverse related experiences ✴︎ special projects