a future-focused design studio
creating stories, experiences + images
+ a creative lab (new!)

PITCH STUDIOS™ is a future-focused design studio creating stories, images and experiences for brands, agencies and cultural institutions.

our practice explores phygital spaces or environments, seeking to contextualize the fragmented world that we experience.

+ in 2019, we launched an in-house lab — exploring connection, behaviour and communication in digital culture.

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selected clients + partners
IAM Weekend
London College of Fashion
The Future Laboratory
Snap Inc. 
Tate Britain
Ghost Fragrances
LuckyMe Records
V&A Museum
Smiling Mind

talks + panels
Milan Design Week, talk, 2020 (ONLINE)
Snap Partner Summit, panel, 2020 (ONLINE)
Creative Mornings, talk, 2019 (MEL)
Nicer Tuesdays, talk, 2019 (LDN) ✴︎ watch here 
Semi Permanent, panel, 2019 (SYD)
Future Girl Corp, panel, 2018 (LDN)
CHANGES Festival, talk, 2018 (MEL)
Nike Air Max Day, panel, 2018 (MEL)

workshops + lectures
Earth x Empathy, workshop, 2020 (ONLINE)
Reconstruct The Internet, workshop, 2020 (ONLINE)
London College of Fashion, lectures (ongoing), 2020 (LDN)
London College of Fashion, workshop, 2020 (LDN)
Pause Fest, workshop, 2020 (MEL)
Nike Air Max Day, workshop, 2018 (MEL)
Late at Tate, workshop 2017 (LDN)

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studio capabilities
creative + art direction ✴︎ creative strategy ✴︎ 3D design ✴︎ 3D animation ✴︎ interactive design ✴︎ augmented + virtual reality ✴︎ branding + identity ✴︎ research + devleopment

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