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Echo Structures

client/s ✴︎ Snap Inc.

for the launch of Snap’s next generation wearable AR technology, Spectacles, our studio was commissioned to design + develop an augmented reality experience of our own direction.

the result: Echo Structures, an AR experience which seeks to reimagine how humans use ritual to foster deeper connections with the planet, ecosystems and existence. 

Echo Structures generates a sensorial sculpture garden, using spatial audio techniques to encourage interactivity through sound in the active AR space.

for the research portion of this project, we looked at ancient Neolithic sites and stone circles and observed how people used emerging technologies (stone tools + blocks at the time) as a way to rediscover their connection and understanding to the planet and environment.

through this new Lens we hope to achieve a similar experience… can we use wearable AR technology to reconnect with our ecosystems? and if so, what would that look/feel/sound like?

creative direction, art direction, design + AR development ✴︎ PITCH STUDIOS™