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‘what if we design for humbleness, solidarity, plurality, empathy and tolerance, responsibility + accountability?’ 

client/s ✴︎ IAM

IAM Weekend is an annual gathering for creative thinkers and doers exploring the futures of the internet(s). where the digital economy meets post-technological perspectives needed to cultivate collective critical hope 💙

for the 2020 edition, PITCH STUDIOS™ was invited by IAM to devise the visual identity, stepping away slightly from the previous years look, feel and sound. initially to occur as it always has done - a physical conference in Barcelona, Spain — due to COVID-19 crisis the event was moved to a digital space. 

we sort to examine the dynamics of our interconnected realities by rejecting simple binaries and focused on the juxtaposition of macro/microscopic scales. by understanding, embracing and nurturing the planet, the visual identity emerged into a colourful and textural reimagination of earthly, biological beings. 

deliverables included: new logotype, video trailer, live stage visuals, countdown videos, IG face filter, sound design, experiments, speaker announcement videos, title sequences + more.

read The Future Laboratory’s full show report on IAM Weekend 2020 here.

creative direction ✴︎ PITCH STUDIOS™ x IAM
visual identity, art direction, creative production ✴︎ PITCH STUDIOS™
3D design + animation partners ✴︎ Smiskoackerman
IG face filter design + production ✴︎ Branden Collins, Smiskoackerman + PITCH STUDIOS™
sound design ✴︎ Lewis Cancut