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individualism isn’t insular.

✴︎ special project, commissioned by the V&A Museum

Let's (Not) Get This Bread is a film by creative lab pitch portal in collaboration with Screen Shot featuring animation by Smiskoackerman, premiering at the V&A Museum’s ‘Future Of Food’ event on 28 June 2019. the project is inspired by the paradoxical ‘more meets now’ mentality  found in the melting pot of 2 popular internet phenomena: 'Hustle Culture' and 'Self Care'.

we sought to connect the dots between these two salient internet-driven cultural attitudes and a broken system, questioning if these attitudes could be encouraging consumer food wastage epidemic in the western world.

concept, ideation, research + film Script ✴︎ pitch portal x Screen Shot
Creative Direction ✴︎ pitch portal x PITCH STUDIOS™
animation + sound effects ✴︎  Smiskoackerman

why this aesthetic?

in exploring the intersection between two internet-driven ideologies: self care and hustle culture, we started to realise that this kind of individualism isn’t insular— it impacts everything. we wondered if consumer food wastage in the western world was one of these things.

additionally, we’re interested in how the rise of self care (in particular, self care as synonymous with ‘staying in and ordering uber eats’) is peaking at the same time as the internet’s attention economy’s major players (Netflix, Facebook, Google etc) are fighting to keep us online for longer.

collaborating closely with Smiskoackerman on this film, we decided to work with the ‘millennial pink’ aesthetic that has (in our eyes) become synonymous with commodity feminism.