new forms of visual explorations
stories, experiences + imagery

‘a desire for green urban spaces that facilitate a sense of sanctuary, contemplation and rejuvenation—away from the grinding city chaos.’

client/s ✴︎ GPT Group

taking cues from Melbourne Central’s new playbook for the future of the shopping destination, PITCH STUDIOS™ was commissioned to create a series of 3D/CGI  visualisations to activate inside the ELLA precinct in Menzie’s Lane.

we invited the audience to take part in a collective sanctuary —to journey into a safe virtual space to relax and unwind, juxtaposing both the urban and natural landscapes. for each video we explored a different, distinct surreal environment using aesthetics rooted in reality but subverted through material, texture and sound.


creative direction, 3D animation + environment design ✴︎ PITCH STUDIOS™
sound design + audio engineering ✴︎ Lewis Cancut
agency partner ✴︎ CANYON