new forms of visual explorations
stories, experiences + imagery

a virtual reality experience created to tingle the digital senses  

✴︎ self-initiated project

in 2018 we created and developed initially, an interactive web experience called Mood Machine that attempted to understand how a digital experience may make us (as humans) feel. Mood Machine acted as a virtual escape, a place to play, explore, discover and interact with a series of spaces that tingled the senses. 

after a successful launch of the webGL experience, we decided to iterate even further and develop the experience in VR.  

the VR iteration was shown through an exhibition in 2019 in Los Angeles alongside our technology parter Standard Vision, where the audience could use an Oculus Rift VR set up to experience and view on a large-scale LED screen. 

creative direction, art direction, concept, 3D design ✴︎ PITCH STUDIOS™
WebGL and VR design, development and tech production ✴︎ Matthew Keff
sound design ✴︎ Lewis Cancut
technology partner ✴︎ Standard Vision