new forms of visual explorations
stories, experiences + imagery

how can we positively transform the landscape of retail by 2025?

client/s ✴︎ Selfridges, The Future Laboratory

building onto Selfridges’ sustainability initiatives of the last 10 years, Project Earth (launched in 2020) aimed directly to address areas of focus such as repair and resell models for fashion and luxury goods, materials used in products and how to inspire a mindset shifts among many of their customers and employees.

PITCH STUDIOS™ was commissioned by The Future Laboratory in collaboration with Selfridges, to illustrate these new models within the fashion and retail industry and highlight the direction the industry is moving in as a whole. 

through the two short films Immaterial Fashion and Rental Revolution, the scenes visualise an introduction of phygital garments, the Circular Economy/Revolution, slow fashion, materials and manufacturing processes and much more.  

creative + art direction, creative production ✴︎ PITCH STUDIOS™
3D design + animation ✴︎ Berenice Golmann
sound design ✴︎ Ana Roman
3D garments + accessories ✴︎ The Fabricant, Studio PMS