new forms of visual explorations
stories, experiences + imagery

half social experiment, half exploratory communication model.

✴︎ self-initiated project

an experimental project that presents a time capsule of the innermost thoughts of young people in a digitally-driven world, experienced through an interactive website + installation.

over December 2018 and January 2019, 47 young people located globally volunteered to share their ‘streaming’ thoughts in a private Slack group, anonymously and without the discourse of likes, favourites or replies. participants shared confessions, desires, hopes, successes, dreams, existentialism and realisations, inverting their inner monologues in an experience that was both deeply personal, and collaborative.

the project has been featured by publications LS:N Global, Acclaim Mag, and conferences such as Redefining Normativity in Love (Croatia).

the project will be exhibited at EP7 (Paris) and Pause Fest (Melbourne) in 2020.

creative direction ✴︎ PITCH PORTAL x PITCH STUDIOS™
thinking, concept, research and experiment ✴︎ PITCH PORTAL
website design + build ✴︎ Twomuch Studio, Nathalie de Vallière
sound design ✴︎ Ana Roman