new forms of visual explorations
stories, experiences + imagery

a short, experimental film exploring post-technological future(s) of the internet

client/s ✴︎ IAM Weekend 19

Virtual Gap Year is a collaboration between PITCH STUDIOS™ and IAM exploring IAM Weekend’s theme: The Quantumness of Archipelagos. we invited visual artists globally to collaborate with pitch to create an experimental short film exploring the future of the internet and it’s post-technological future(s).

the project was presented as the opening title sequence of the festival, teased as part of the festival’s marketing campaign and set the overall visual tone.

screened at IAM Weekend 19 (Barcelona), Google Arts + Culture (London) and Semi Permanent (Sydney).

creative direction ✴︎ PITCH STUDIOS™ x PITCH PORTAL
thinking, concept + script ✴︎ PITCH PORTAL
artists ✴︎ Lorna Pittaway, Smiskoackerman, Twomuch Studio, Polina Zinziver
sound design ✴︎ Jennifer Loveless 
video editor ✴︎ Marina Maekawa 
creative production ✴︎ Nirmala Shome